In the 1990s, shu Jin was granted with the qualification for engaging in securities law businesses by Ministry of Justiceof China and China Securities Regulatory Commission. It is one of the law firms which engage in the earliest and most securities law businesses. Some lawyers of Shu Jin assume the members of listing committee of stock exchange, the members of the first and second issuance examination committees of GEM of China Securities Regulatory Commission and the training experts for enterprise reconstructingand listing. They often participate in the drafting, revising and discussing securities laws, regulations and rules for securities supervision departments or other government organizations. With rich operational experience in domestic securities and overseas operation, Shu Jin has provided more than 100 companies with the legal services concerning stock issuance and listing at home andabroad, assisting hundreds of enterprises at home and abroad in completingjoint-stock system reorganization, issuing A-Stock or B-Stock at Shenzhen StockExchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, issuing H-Stock or red chip mode listingat the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd., participating in stock issuing andlisting of dozens of Chinese enterprises in USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and SouthKorea etc., their major reconstructing, acquisition and merger, capitalincrement, stock issuance, bond issuance, domestic equity or assets acquisitionby foreign capital and so on. At present, Shu Jin has formed a leading team engaging in securities issuance and company merger and acquisition matters, andproviding efficient, professional and individualized legal services for largeand medium-sized state-owned enterprises, multinational corporations, investment funds, the companies that are listed or to be listed and various enterprise with an intention to involve in capital market.

Our Services in Securities, Capital Market, Corporate and M&A:

  • ▪ State-owned enterprise reform;
  • ▪ Legal businesses in the process of setting up venture capital institutionsvarious risk investments such as private equity investment);
  • ▪ Shareholding reform;
  • ▪ Domestic issuance and listing of company stocks and bonds;
  • ▪ Overseas issuance and listing in H-Stock mode/red chip mode;
  • ▪ Listed companies' allotment, capital increment issuance, refinancing of short-term financing bond, convertible bond and corporate bonds;
  • ▪ Acquisition/anti-acquisition of listed companies;
  • ▪ Acquisition and merger of enterprise equity and assets;
  • ▪ Special due diligence and legal opinion issuing;
  • ▪ Investment plan argumentation;
  • ▪ Enterprise reconstructing and liquidation;
  • ▪ Employee stock ownership plan, share option scheme and management acquisition;
  • ▪ Issuance of fund and trust products.